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If you combine stylish food and ambience of Villa Ruza followed by chef Ruder Jelavic, you will get a nice and funky match called Paparazzo! Located in the Old town, surrounded by old Dubrovnik history you will have chance to taste delicious tapas for lunch and the best steaks for dinner. Enjoying the real atmosphere of the Old town you can have a bit of Villa Ruza on your plate. Passion for food and something new will lead you worldwide, having the best steaks for your perfect dinner.
Paparazzo is great place to feel the Old Town in a real way; with its terrace in the middle of local people homes you will experience living in the Old town.


Great selection of fine wines

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11:00AM – 04:00PM

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06:00PM – 11:00PM

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Steak House Paparazzo

ANGUS d.o.o.

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Pobijana 2, Dubrovnik