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Located in the Old town within the historical landmarks of Dubrovnik, Paparazzo Steak House is giving you a chance to taste concepts of modern cuisine, featuring delicious and impeccably stylish food. Paparazzo Steak House is a unique restaurant in the Old Town gastronomic scene, offering an array of delicious grilled meats, such as Croatian Beef Fillet Steak, Croatian Veal T-bone, and USA Black Angus Striploin in a charming and cozy environment.

Secluded away from the main street Stradun in the stunning ambiance of the Old Town you can experience the local atmosphere and taste the exquisite menu designed by our talented head chef. Paparazzo has tasty ribeye, tenderloin, tuna, and sea bass listed on the menu. Serving amazing meat and fish delicacies is the unique characteristic of this place. You will have the chance to taste a delicious brunch menu and the best steaks for dinner enjoyed with unique house wines.

The divine decor of the restaurant and movie-like setting allows us to express our passion for food and cuisine. Our terrace is set in the middle of local people's homes which creates a unique atmosphere accompanied by great service and friendly staff that is there to make your stay with us unforgettable.

If you happen to be near Pustjerna, don't forget to visit us and have the best culinary experience that Dubrovnik has to offer.

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Visit us and have the best culinary experience that Dubrovnik has to offer!
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